How To Turn Off Restricted Mode on Youtube

The video above shows how to disable YouTube restricted mode


Welcome to a  tutorial on turning off and disabling restricted mode on Youtube.  If restricted mode is turned on, your Youtube viewing experience will be pretty different from when it’s turned off. You will miss out on any videos that contain explicit language or have adult topics.

It’s a good idea to turn off restricted mode if it’s on so that you can enjoy all of Youtube content.

It is a different process depending on what device you are on, if you are signed in and whether you are using the app or not, so I will show you how to do it each way.

Note that when you activate or disable restricted mode it will only take effect on your current browser or app, and not on every browser or app that you are logged into.

Steps To Disable YouTube Restricted Mode:

On the desktop version of YouTube while you are logged into an account:

• Click on your profile image in the top right corner of the homepage.

• At the bottom of the menu that appears, you will see ‘Restricted Mode’ and whether it is on or off. You can click the toggle to turn restricted mode off or on. 

If you are using the Desktop version of YouTube but you are not logged in it’s a little different:

• At the top right of the screen to the left of the sign-in button there is a settings button that looks like 3 vertical dots, click on that.

• At the bottom of the menu, click on ‘Restricted mode’ and turn the toggle off

If you are on a mobile browser and you are logged into a youtube account:

• Tap your profile icon in the top right corner.

• Select ‘Settings’ from the options. 

• In settings tap on ‘Account

• You’ll see the restricted mode settings here. When the toggle is off it will turn from blue to grey. 

• If you are on a mobile browser but you are not logged into your account then the steps will be the same as if you are logged in. 

If you are on the YouTube mobile app:

• Tap on your profile icon in the top right corner of the homepage and then tap on ‘settings from the menu that appears. 

• Switch the toggle to ‘off‘ to the right of restricted mode, when it is off it will turn from blue to grey. 

And that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them down below!

5 thoughts on “How To Turn Off Restricted Mode on Youtube”

  1. i cannot find the section at the bottom of the youtube home page you talked about? and my computer blocks me from accessing youtube settings.

  2. This does not work as the button will not go to Turn Off mode. This caption comes up

    Restricted Mode hides videos that may contain inappropriate content flagged by users and other signals. No filter is 100% accurate, but it should help you avoid most inappropriate content.


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