How To Test Your Internet Connection On PS4

The above video shows how to test your internet connection on PS4.


Testing your internet connection on PS4 can be a helpful way to diagnose any network issues that you may be having. Performing the test will show you which network you are connected to, whether you are connected to the PlayStation network, as well as your NAT type, which can be helpful to know when having trouble joining multiplayer games. Follow the steps below to learn how to test your PS4 internet connection.

Steps To Test Your Internet Connection On PS4:

• From the dashboard of PS4, go up to the control panel and swipe to the right until you get to settings, and open them.

• In settings, select network.

• Next select test internet connection.

• Wait while the test is conducted, the results will show up after a minute. You can see what network you are connected to and whether you have internet, as well as a few other things.

• If you would like to see more connection information then go back to the previous page and tap on view connection status. You can see lots of connection information here, such as your signal strength, IP address, and MAC address to name a few.

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