How To Show PS4 Activity On Discord

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Welcome to a tutorial on getting Discord to display your PS4 game activity as a status. Almost every gaming system apart from PS4 has a way of directly linking to your Discord account, but for PS4 we will have to do it a bit differently.

By default there is no linking option for PS4 and Discord but luckily some people made a 3rd party app to make it happen! This will connect your PSN Account with Discord so that it updated your status whenver you start playing a new game! Learn how to show PS4 game Activity On Discord now!

Steps To Show PS4 Activity on Discord:

People have created an app for PC that will allow you to sign in to your Playstation account in order to display your game activity on discord. Here is how to set it up.

• Open up a web browser on PC or Mac and go to

• Select either the windows, Mac OS or Linux edition to start downloading the app.

• If windows says it doesn’t recognize the publisher, you can click ‘more info’ and then ‘run anyway’.

• Click ‘install‘. Once it’s installed, it will launch. Sign into your Playstation account here. 

• Once you’ve signed in, go to Discord, open the user settings, click game activity and check that the option to display your current game is turned on.

• Discord should now pick up the PS4 app and start displaying your current game as your status message. If you don’t see it, click the ‘add game’ button and find it from the list.

• You will need to keep the Discord PS4 app running on your computer the whole time you want this method to work. If you close the app it will stop displaying your gaming activity on Discord..

And that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them down below!

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  1. it keeps on saying a connection to the server could not be established. I guess its because of 2 click authentication.

  2. It doesn;t know the name of the game, only “PlaystationDiscord”
    I’m in a game and I cant do anything about it


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