Samsung S20 FE: Insert Sim Cards & Micro SD Card

The above video shows you how to put your SIM card and Micro SD card into a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE


Tutorial on Inserting and removing the sim card and micro SD card on your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. The S20 FE & FE 5G comes with 2 sim card slots and a micro SD slot. However, you can only have 1 sim and 1 SD card In together, if you have the SD card in you won’t be able to put in the 2nd sim card.

In this article I’ll show you how to add your sim cards and memory cards correctly as well as how to remove them again.

Steps To Insert Sim Card & Micro SD card To A Samsung Galaxy S20 FE:

• To do this you will need the sim tray ejector tool that came with your phone. (if you have lost it, some stud-type earrings can often do the trick)

• The sim and SD card tray is on the top left of your phone. You will see a little hole. You need to insert the sim tray ejector tool into the hole and push gently. The sim card tray will pop out slightly, pull it out the rest of the way with your fingers. 

• One side of the tray is for the first sim, and the other side of the tray is for your 2nd sim card or micro SD card. 

• Take your sim and place it into the sim tray with the cut corner matching up with the white outline.

• If you are adding another sim, place your finger on the sim you just inserted to keep it in place and turn the sim tray over, place sim 2 in the slot with the cut corner corresponding with the white outline. 

• If you are adding a micro SD card then place that into the slot below sim 2. 

• Slide the sim tray back into your phone making sure that the little holes on the tray and your phone match up. 

• Make sure that the sim tray is all the way in and flush with your phone.

• You can see the reception of both sims in the top right corner of your screen. 

• If you have added 2 sim cards, you can choose which sim card will be used for calls, texts and data by opening the Settings app, and tapping ‘connections’.

• Tap ‘SIM card manager

• You can choose to switch off one of the SIMs if you like by switching off the toggle to the right of it, and you can choose which sim is your preferred sim for calls, messages, and mobile data. 

• Your preferred sim will be the default sim used for what you choose here, but when making a call and sending a message you can still choose your less preferred sim manually.

That draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section down below!

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