How To Split Screen On Samsung Galaxy Phones

The above video shows you how to split screen 2 apps on Samsung Galaxy Phones!


Welcome to a tutorial on using the split-screen feature on your Samsung Galaxy to use 2 apps at the same time side by side in split-screen view! By split screening 2 apps, it can really increase productivity. For example, if you are writing a blog post you could have your research open on one side and the blog editor opened on the other.

It’s not just great for productivity, however. You could also have Youtube videos playing on one side while browsing the web or online shopping on the other.

Steps To Split Screen Apps On Samsung Galaxy Devices:

• Tap on the app-switcher button on the bottom left of the screen, next to the home button.

• Pick one of the two apps that you would like to split-screen with from your recent apps, if the app you want to use isn’t in your recent apps then you can search for it and open it.

• Tap on the app icon at the top of the app, then tap ‘open in split-screen view

• Your side panel will now open, you can choose an app from your side panel. If the app you want to split-screen is not in your side panel then you can tap the dotted grid at the bottom of the side panel to open all apps. 

• You can scroll down through your apps to find the one you want or you can search for the app at the top. 

• Tap on the app you would like to use split-screen with and split-screen will start

• Drag the bar in the middle up or down to make each app bigger or smaller. 

• Tap on the bar in the middle and then tap the arrows button to switch which app is on the top. 

• Tap the bar in the middle and then tap the ‘plus side’ button to add this split-screen selection to your side panel. That way, if you would like to open this split-screen selection again you can just open your side panel and tap on the selection. 

• If you pull the bar all the way to the bottom or top then the split-screen will close and the app that you swiped over will be closed. The other app will stay open. 

• When you open your side panel the split-screen selections you have saved will look like this. You can tap on it and that split-screen selection will open. This is a great feature to use for split-screen selections that you use frequently. 

and that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section down below!

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