How To See WiFi Password on Samsung Galaxy

The above video shows how to see and copy your current WiFi password!


Welcome to a tutorial on seeing your connected WiFi password on your Samsung Galaxy device!

Are you connected to WiFi but can’t remember the password? I’ll show you how to view the password so it can be copied and shared using a cool trick, as well as show you how to share a QR code that others can scan to automatically connect to your WiFi! Learn how to see wifi passwords on Samsung Galaxy devices now!

Steps To See WiFi Password On Samsung:

• Open up the settings app on your Galaxy. 

• In settings, tap ‘connections’ then select ‘wifi

• Tap the settings cog to the right of the wifi network that you are connected to. 

• Samsung doesn’t make it possible to see the wifi password here, unfortunately. However, there is a workaround we can do to be able to see the wifi password. 

• Tap ‘QR code’ in the bottom left. 

• If the reason you want the wifi password is just to connect to the wifi with another device, then you can scan this QR code to connect if the device you want to connect is able to scan QR codes. Most phones can connect by just pointing their camera at the QR code. 

• However, if the device you want to connect to the wifi does not scan QR codes or you need the wifi password for another reason then tap ‘save as image’ in the bottom left. 

• If your phone doesn’t have the ‘save as image’ option then you can take a screenshot here instead.

• Open up a web browser and search for ‘QR code decoder’ 

• Open any of the QR code decoding websites, it doesn’t matter which one but the one I used is called

• Under where it says ‘upload QR code image’ tap ‘choose file

• The image of your QR code should be right there in recents, tap or double-tap it to select it, then tap ‘upload

• It may take a minute to read it , But when it has read it, the contents of the QR code will appear

• The top line is the wifi network and the second line is the password. 

• You can copy this password and save it somewhere.

That draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section down below!

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