Change Screen Timeout On Samsung Galaxy Phones

The video above shows you how to adjust the screen timeout options on Samsung Galaxy devices!


Does it annoy you when your reading a long article, just taking your time when suddenly your phone screen goes black on you and you have to unlock it again to continue where you left off? Maybe you are wanting to leave your phone screen on while you leave it on the table so you can glance at the information on the screen every couple of minutes (when following recipes, for example). If this happens to you often then your screen timeout settings are not working in your favor.

I’ll show you how to adjust the timeout settings for your Samsung Galaxy screen, as well as show you how to disable the timeout completely (when your phone is charging).

Steps to Adjust Screen Auto-Timeout on Samsung Galaxy Devices:

• Open up the settings app on your Samsung.

• In settings, tap ‘display’.

• Scroll down to and tap ‘screen timeout’ 

• Here you have a few screen timeout options, the longest time being 10 minutes. However, there is not an option to turn the timeout off altogether here. 

There is a way to turn the screen timeout off, but only when your phone is charging…

Steps To Disable Screen Timeout on Samsung Galaxy:

To do this you will have to access the developer settings. If you have never enabled dev options before you’ll need to do that first.

• Go back to the main settings page and scroll all the way to the bottom. 

• Tap ‘about phone

• On the ‘about phone‘ page, tap ‘software information

• You need to tap on ‘build number’ four or five times until you see ‘you are four steps away from becoming a developer’ (seriously). Keep tapping as it counts down.  

• Enter your phone’s pin to confirm activation of the developer options. 

• Developer mode has now been enabled, go back to the main settings page and scroll all the way to the bottom & you’ll see that there is now a new setting called ‘developer options’, tap that.

• At the top of the developer options there is a ‘stay awake’ option, switch the toggle on to the right of ‘stay awake’. 

Your phone screen now won’t timeout when it is plugged in. Note that never turning your screen off will likely decrease the life span of your screen.

 and that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section down below!

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