Place Calls On Hold On Samsung Galaxy Phones

The above video shows you how to place your phone calls on hold on a Samsung Galaxy


Welcome to a tutorial on putting calls on hold on Samsung Galaxy phones. Placing people on hold when you need to stop talking to them for a minute is much better than leaving the call open which allows them to hear whatever you are doing (discussing with your partner or sprinting upstairs to get your credit card).

If you are taking work calls on your Samsung Galaxy, knowing how to put calls on hold is a must.

Steps To Place Calls On Hold With Samsung Galaxy Phones:

• When you are on a call, tap the ‘hold call’ button, ( the pause icon). 

• The person on the other end will hear a message saying ‘you have been placed on hold, please wait’ and they will not hear anything from your end of the call.

• Tap ‘resume call’ when you want to take them off hold and talk to them again.

That draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section down below!

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