How To Export Contacts On Samsung Galaxy Phones

The above video shows you how to export contacts from your Samsung Galaxy!


Welcome to a tutorial on exporting one, multiple, or all of your contacts from your Samsung Galaxy phone. Exporting a contact as a file allows you to send it to other people easily via social media, email, etc. You can also upload them to your PC or Dropbox to keep them safe. If you are switching phones, for example, from a Samsung to iPhone you could export all your contacts in one go and then easily import them on your iPhone!

Steps To Export Contacts On Samsung Galaxy:

• Open the contacts app on your phone. 

• In contacts, tap on the three horizontal lines button in the top left, then select ‘manage contacts’.

• Tap ‘import or export contacts’ and then tap ‘export’.

• You can choose to export your contacts to your phone’s internal storage or to your sim card. (if you have a multi sim phone you can choose which sim card to export it to)

• If you are exporting to a sim card then you can choose specific contacts that you would like to export, or tap ‘all’ in the top left corner. 

• Tap ‘done’ when you have selected the contacts that you would like to export, then tap ‘export’ followed by ‘ok’.

• If you exported your contacts to your internal storage you can find them by opening the ‘my files’ app.

• In files, open ‘internal storage’ & then ‘download’. The file containing your exported contacts will be saved there. 

and that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section down below!

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