How To Disable Notifications On Samsung Galaxy Devices

The videos above shows how to turn off notifications for any or all apps on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets!


Welcome to a tutorial on disabling notifications on your Samsung Galaxy. Notifications can be relentless, some apps don’t seem to care and will blast you with necessary ones all day long. When you are getting spammed to death with them it defies their purpose, notifications should only for things you want to be notified about.

While is no master “off switch” to turn off notifications 100% on Samsung / Andriod, you can choose which apps send you notifications and which apps can’t so that you only get notifications about things you actually care about. If you wanted though you could manually disable them for every app you have which would in effect disable them completely.

Steps To Disable Notifications On Samsung Galaxy Devices:

• Open up the settings app on your Galaxy.

• In settings, tap ‘notifications

• Where it shows your recently sent notifications, tap ‘more’.

• Tap ‘most recent’ at the top and then select ‘all’.

• All of your apps will be listed here, there will be a toggle beside every app, which if enabled, that app can send you notifications.

• To turn off notifications for an app, tap the toggle to the right of it to switch it off.

• You will no longer get notifications from the apps that you have switched off. You can disable notifications for all apps here if you like by manually turning them off for each one.

 and that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section down below!

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