Disable Auto App Updates On Samsung Galaxy Phones

The video above shows you how to turn off automatic app updating on a Samsung Galaxy


Most people opt to have automatic app updates turned on, as this keeps your apps working properly, unlocking any new features that may be released, and patches any security issues they may have.

Still, a lot of people still choose to not update their apps automatically. If you have a metered internet connection, you may want to wait until you are on an unlimited connection somewhere to install your updates. Sometimes new app updates actually remove features on an app, so if you want to keep that feature you could prevent the update from happening and keep the feature.

If you do decide to turn off auto-updates on your Galaxy, you should still consider manually updating your apps from time to time.

Steps To Disable Auto App Updates on Samsung Galaxy Devices:

• The first thing to do is open up the Google Playstore on your Galaxy.

• In the Playstore, tap on the three horizontal lines button in the top left corner, then tap ‘Settings’ from the options.

• In settings, tap ‘auto-update apps’.

•Select ‘don’t auto-update apps’ and then tap ‘done’.

• Your Play Store apps will no longer auto-update. You can still manually update them by tapping on the ‘updates’ tab and then choosing to update all apps at once or manually selecting which apps you want to be updated.

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