How To Add New Contacts On Samsung Galaxy Phones

The video above shows how to add new contacts to your Samsung Galaxy phone


Welcome to a tutorial on adding new contacts to your Samsung Galaxy phone. Saving numbers of people whom you contact is a good idea so that you never lose them and can easily identify who is calling you. When you save contacts on your Galaxy, you can choose the save them to your Sim or Google account so they stay backed up when you switch phones.

Steps To Add Contacts On Samsung Galaxy Phones:

• Open up the contacts app on your phone. 

• In contacts, tap the plus icon (+) at the top of the screen 

• Fill in your new contact’s name and number. 

• If you tap on the drop-down arrow in the top left corner, you can choose where your contact will be saved to:  You can choose between your Samsung account, your phone, your sim or sim 2 if you have two sims installed, or your Google account. 

• Tap Save at the bottom of the page to finalize the contact creation.

• You can also add contacts within the phone app of your Samsung Galaxy. To do that launch the phone app and tap contacts at the bottom. 

• Tap the plus icon at the top of the contacts page. 

• Then like before, add their name and number, choose where you would like the contact to be stored, and then tap Save. 

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