How To Reverse Videos on TikTok

The video above shows how to reverse TikTok videos.


Welcome to a tutorial on reversing TikTok videos. Do you have a clip you want to share on TikTok but want it to play backwards with the reversing effect? Learn how to do it now!

Steps To Reverse TikTok Videos:

• Start by launching TikTok.

• Record a video or upload one from your gallery.

• Tap the ‘tick’ to continue, then select ‘effects’.

• From the effects page select the ‘time’ category and then choose ‘reverse

• Once you click reverse it will start previewing the video backwards, just click save to continue.

•Your video has been reversed and is now ready to upload to tiktok

That draws an end to this tutorial, I hope that it helped you. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below!

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