How To Reset Your Roblox Pin

The video above shows you how to reset an account Pin on Roblox


Welcome to a tutorial on resetting a Roblox account security pin. Did you forget your Roblox pin or did someone else set the pin and won’t tell you what it is?

If you forget or lose your Roblox pin, you can’t just reset it via email like you can with your username or password, instead, this is what you have to do to reset it.

Steps To Reset Roblox Pin:

• Start by opening up Roblox from the app or in a web browser go to

• Scroll all the way down to the footer of the page and then select ‘help’ from the bottom menu.

• On the first help page, select ‘Roblox account’ from the list of categories.

• Select ‘I forgot my pin’ from the account settings section here.

• It says there that customer service will need to assist you to reset a forgotten pin and to open a contact form about it. 

• Click the link to open the support contact form.

• On the form, enter your name, email, and roblox username.

• Select the device you are using and then under ‘type of help’ choose ‘account hacked or can’t login’.

• Finally select ‘account pin’ from the last drop down menu.

• Now simply describe your issue to the support team here, tell them that you forgot your pin and need help to reset it..

• Click submit once you are done to send the form. Roblox support will get back to you shortly via email and start the process of helping you reset your pin.

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