Welcome to a tutorial on Making Screen Recordings with your IOS 11 or later device. This will work on all IOS devices such as iPhones and iPads that are running IOS 11. This is a feature that IOS users have been craving for many years, and Apple has finally implemented it, which means we no longer have to jailbreak our phone to do this.

Let’s get to it!

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First, on your iPhone , go to the settings app.

In the settings app, scroll down to Control Centre and open it

ios 11 control centre

Inside Control Centre, click on Customise Controls.

This page displays your current control centre configuration.

inside control centre options

By default, the screen recording option isn’t active, so we just have to activate it now.

Scroll down until you see the screen recording app, and then click on the Green Plus button to add it to your control centre.

Once its added you can decide which order it displays in the list of control Centre.

screen recording feature on ios 11

Now Swipe up on your phone to bring up the Control Centre, you will notice a new icon here, this is the screen record feature.

new features in IOS control centre

Just click it and it will start recording a live video of your IOS screen.

To Finish recording swipe up to control centre again and hit the same button.

Once you finish, the new video will be saved in your photo Gallery like normal videos.

The Video recorder records in high-quality resolution (the same resolution as your screen).

It is possible to share your new video directly with your friends or social media.

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