any true youtuber is addicted to checking how many subscribers they have. While the official youtube website updates your subscriber count every day or so, it doesn’t actually show you a real-time view of new subscribers coming in. There are some free services which allow you to do this, however. let’s have a look at them now..

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How To See Your Real Time Youtube Subscriber Count


socialblade is one of the oldest social media tracking tools, it allows you to see all kind of stats from all kind of social media, including youtube. The real-time subscriber count by socialblade is probably the most preferred by most youtubers.

  • To see your live subscriber count, go .
  • the on the top right search bar, search for your Youtube Channel
  • Once you have loaded your channel, click on Live Subscriber Count from the menu bar.
  • You can now sit back and watch your subscribers in real time.


  • This is another popular site, this one is only for checking real-time subscribers.
  • Once you load the site, it will show you the real times stats of a random youtube channel.
  • To change it to yours, click on the name of the channel, and then type in your own channel name & hit enter.
  • Now just sit back and enjoy the show.


  • This is a very visually pleasing website, and it also has lots of other youtube related stats like SocialBlade does.
  • Its is easy to use too, just enter your channel name in the search bar and hit enter! boom!

and that draws an end to this tutorial on viewing your real-time subscriber count for your youtube channel. if you have any questions please leave them down below and we will get back to you asap.