How To Make Discord Username Invisible

The video above shows how make your Discord name & server name invisible


If you are reading this you have probably seen somebody in one of your discord servers with no visible name at all, and you are wondering how you can do that yourself. Well, this tutorial will show you how

This is a fun trick to confuse your Discord friends! You can make your username completely disappear (spooky) as well as your Discord server name if you’re an admin too!

Steps To Hide Your Discord Username:

• Launch Discord, Click on ‘user settings‘ from the bottom left of the screen.

• Under my account, click ‘edit

• Now simply remove your current name & paste this character into the name field: [ ˞˞ ], then click ‘save‘. (only paste whats inside the brackets)

• By using that characther as your username, it will appear as nothing on Discord giving you an invisble or non-existant name.

• You can do this with Discord server names too, but you need to paste a different symbol: [ ឵឵ ] (only paste whats inside the brackets)

• Click the ‘arrow button’ up by your server name and then open your server settings.

• Paste that character [ ឵឵ ] into the server name and hit ‘save‘. (For this to work for me i have to hit save a few times in a row and then click reset).

And that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them down below!

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