How To Link Playstation Account To Fortnite / Epic Games

The video above shows how to connect your Playstation and Fortnite Accounts!


Welcome to a tutorial on linking your Fortnite / Epic Games account with your Playstation account. If you have been playing Fortnite on a different console, you can link your account with your PS4 or PS5 account so that you can continue playing with the same profile and progression.

Note that you can only ever link your Epic Games account to one Playstation account. Even if you unlink them you won’t be allowed to link it to another account after.

Steps To Link Fortnite To Playsation Account:

• Open up a web browser on either your Playstation, computer, or mobile, it doesn’t matter which.

• In the web browser, go to . Fortnite is owned by Epic Games so If you have a Fortnite Account, it will actually be an Epic Games account.

• Click ‘sign in’ from the top right corner of the webpage.

• sign in to your Epic Games account here or alternatively, you can choose to ‘sign up’ to create a new account.

• Once you’re signed in to EpicGames, hover on your username at the top right-hand corner, from the drop-down menu, select  ‘account’.

• On your account page, select ‘connections’ from the left sidebar.

• On the connections screen, click the ‘accounts’ tab.

• Locate ‘Play Station Network’ and click ‘connect’.

• This screen is warning you that once you link your account to a PlayStation account, you won’t be able to connect it to another one later, even if you unlink it.

• Select ‘link account’ to continue.

• You will now be taken to the Sony PlayStation login page where you will need to sign into your PSN account to and confirm that you want to link it to Epic Games. 

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