How To Set Custom iPad App Icons

The above video shows you how to set custom app icons on iPad


Welcome to a tutorial on setting custom app icons for your iPad homescreen. Using the Shortcuts app, we can do a trick to make your apps have any icons you choose. You can create your own personal aesthetic or theme if you have the patience to change the icon of every app.

Steps To Make Custom iPad App Icons:

To do this we will need the Apple Shortcuts app, if you don’t already have Shortcuts installed then go and get it from the app store.

• Launch shortcuts.

• Tap the Plus button at the top to start creating a new shortcut.

• From the actions on the right, search for and select ‘open app’. This will add the open app command to the shortcut , tap ‘choose’ and then select the app you want to open.

• Now thats done we just need to share the shortcut and tap ‘add to homescreen’.

• Name it the same as before or give it a unique nam.

• Tap the icon beside the name and then select, choose file, choose photo or take a new photo.

• Locate the image you want to use as the app icon.

• You can move and scale the image to your liking, then tap ‘use’.

• Tap ‘add’ to finish setting it up and add it  to your homescreen.

• The custom app name and icon will be added to your home screen and will look like a normal app. When you tap it, it will run the shortcut we just created to launch the app.

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