How To Use ‘My Eyes Only’ On Snapchat

The video above shows you how to set up and use the “my eyes only” feature of Snapchat.


Snapchat memories is a useful feature that allows you to save your snaps and story posts as ‘memories’ for you to look over and repost later. But due to the nature of Snapchat, there are probably some memories that you don’t want to be easily seen via the memories page. This is where My Eyes Only comes in.   My Eyes Only is an extra folder in your Snapchat memories that can’t be seen by other people looking at your phone. it requires a passcode to access. Because of that, it is a good place to hide all of your personal snaps from prying eyes. 

Steps To Get My Eyes Only On Snapchat :

• Open the Snapchat app & go to the memories page.

• Select some images that you would like to hide. Hold down on any image to start the selecting process and then just tap on any additional photos to select them.

• Once you have some images selected, tap the ‘hide’ button at the bottom of the screen, This will start the process of setting up your My Eyes Only folder.

• You will need to create a passcode for accessing your hidden folder, make sure that you don’t forget it because if you do you will never be able to access this folder again. 

Your My Eyes Only folder will now be set up. In order to view the images saved there, you will need to enter your passcode. Having this passcode guarantees your private snaps are safe from being seen when other people look at your phone. If you change your mind about what photos you want hidden, it is possible to remove photos from your my eyes only folder and send them back to the normal memories gallery page.

How To Change My Eyes Only Passcode:

• On the memories page of Snapchat, swipe to the right a few times until you get to the ‘My Eyes only‘ tab.

• Select ‘options‘ from the bottom of the screen.

• Tap ‘change password‘.

• Enter your current passcode to continue. You won’t be able to change your passcode if you can’t remember it, and support won’t be able to help you.

• Enter your new desired passcode or select ‘use passphrase‘ if you wish to use letters as well as numbers.

• Tap ‘finish‘ to finalize your new passcode.

What if I Can’t remember my passcode?

if you have lost or forgotten the passcode for the My Eyes Only folder there isn’t anything you can do to access your hidden photos again. You need your passcode to change to a different one and Snapchat support isn’t able to reset it for you. The only thing you can do is reset my eyes only completely but note that this will permanently delete everything inside it and let you start again with a new passcode and empty folder.

 Steps To Reset My Eyes Only:

• Swipe right on the Memories page to get to the ‘My Eyes Only‘ tab

• Select ‘Options‘ from the bottom and then select  ‘Forgot Passcode’

• Enter your normal Snapchat password to continue (not the passcode, the actual password for your account)

Read the information relating to resetting my eyes only and then tap ‘Continue‘ if you agree.

• Enter a new passcode and then confirm it.

 and that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section down below!

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