How To Set A Proxy on Google Chrome

The video above shows how to re-install the Windows Store on Win 10!

Welcome to a tutorial on connecting to a proxy server on Google Chrome! If you have got a proxy that you want to use but don’t know how to connect to it. A proxy is similar to a VPN in the sense that it can mask your own IP address when you are browsing the internet, as well as a whole range of other uses that I won’t get into here. If you have a proxy, here is how to connect to it on Chrome.

Steps To Connect To A Proxy Server on Chrome:

In Chrome, tap the three dots button in the top right-hand corner and then select ‘settings‘ from the dropdown menu.

• Tap ‘advanced‘ on the left.

• Select ‘system‘ to open up the system menu.

•Click the option to “open your computer’s proxy settings

• Scroll down and enable the toggle to use a ‘proxy server‘. 

• Paste your proxy into the text box. 

• Make sure that you separate the address and the port. Separate them at the colon ‘:‘. The digits before the colon are the address and the digits after the colon are the port. 

• Hit ‘save‘!

your proxy has been set. Note that doing this will set a proxy for your whole computer and not just chrome. Chrome uses the same proxy configuration as windows, if you only want the browser to have a proxy you can use Firefox instead as it has that feature.

And that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them down below!

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