How To Play On 2 Roblox Accounts at Once

The video above shows how to play Roblox with 2 accounts at once!


Did you know you can set up your computer to run two different Roblox games at the same time? This will let you play two different Roblox games at once on the same PC, or even play the same game on two profiles at once.

You will need two different Roblox accounts to do this as its not possible to play more than 1 game at once on an account. don’t worry, you can have as many accounts as you want, just create another one at

This trick only works on Windows PCs, there is no way I know of to do this on Mac yet.

Steps To Use With 2 Roblox Accounts At The Same Time:

• Open the start menu of your PC and open the Microsoft store.

• Search for Roblox in the store and install it.

• Click ‘play’ once it’s finished installing.

• Sign into one of your 2 Roblox accounts.

• Launch any game you want to play.

• For the second account, head over to your favorite web browser and load

• Login to your other account if you aren’t already logged in.

You’ll now be logged into one account via the Microsoft store Roblox app, and one account via the web version of Roblox.

•  You can now select a game to launch in the web browser and when you do; it will launch in a different Roblox client to one that was launched via the Microsoft Store app. Because of this, we can run both instances alongside each other.

and that is how you do it, you do need a fairly powerful computer for this to run smoothly, when I do it on my laptop it does lag quite a bit. But either way, you can have some fun and troll your friends or collect extra items in-game. Its a good idea to set up split screen on your two windows so they are displayed side by side.

And that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them down below!

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    • dude, he said: This trick only works on Windows PCs, there is no way I know of to do this on Mac yet.
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