Welcome to a tutorial on getting Snapchat on your PC.
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Snapchat is becoming the worlds most popular social network and its one of the only social networks that does NOT have an official desktop app or website version. millions of people have wondered is it possible to get Snapchat to work on PC?  And the answer is YES, but it is not quite as simple as just installing Snapchat from the windows app store.

Let’s get to it..
This method will work on all Windows Computers. from Win XP to Windows 10

It is important to note that there is no official Snapchat app for the computer, and there won’t be one anytime soon.  so with that in mind, we are going to be using an easy workaround involving an android emulator to use Snapchat on PC.

Watch the video below for a full tutorial, or keep scrolling for the text version!

Installing an Android Emulator on Your PC

As I mentioned before, there is no default Snapchat app for PC, so we need to use an android emulator.

What is an android emulator? it is a way of using an android operating system on your computer.  it works the exact same as any android tablet or phone, but it lives on your computer screen and can be controlled via a mouse.
There are many reputable android emulators out there, but the one we are recommending is Nox App Player
We have tested most of the emulators out there, and Nox is by far the best one, based on reliability, speed, and how well the Snapchat app performs.

big nox app player

Nox app player is available for both PC and Mac.
To download it, visit BigNox.com, and find the download button,
it looks like this:

Once it has finished downloading, click on the downloaded file to begin installing it:

The first time Nox loads, it will take a few minutes to set up..

The first screen you will see once its loaded is a tutorial on using NOX app player, we recommend to give this a read so you fully understand how to use it.

Now that Nox has loaded you will see that it is exactly like any other android phone or tablet. the Google Play Store is there as well as all other android features
So in order to get Snapchat on your PC, we will need to go to the Nox Google PlayStore and search for it. The first time you load the Play Store you will have to log in to a Google account in order to download apps, you can also create a new google account for this purpose if you want to.

If Google asks you to add a payment method, you can just click “Skip”.
When you have logged into your google account, open up the Play Store again and search for Snapchat.

Installing  Snapchat

When its installed it will appear on the home screen of Nox. Hit the home button to return to the dashboard and you will see it there.

You can now start the snapchat app and use it like normal. Just login into your snap account

Congratulations, you now have a working snapchat app on your PC, with all the new features such as memories, Maps and everything else. You can leave Nox turned on in the background of your computer and receive snapchat notifications on your desktop.

Some people think that using snapchat via an android emulator might get your snap account banned, but that is not the case. Snapchat is allowed to run on Android, and that’s all we are doing here; running it via the Android operating system.

Problems You May Encounter Using Snapchat On PC:

Some people who are using snapchat on Nox do run into some problems, the main one being that the Snapchat camera doesn’t work . But luckily, use here at FoxyTech have come up with a solution that works for 99% of people. it is a bit convoluted, but somehow it works

If your snapchat camera just shows a black screen this is what you should do:

* First, Exit the snapchat app
* On the Nox HomeScreen /dashboard, click on the Camera app.
* A message will now appear saying “Please Start YouCam”
YouCam is a program that is saved on most Windows computers by default.

* Click on the Windows search bar and search for YouCam, and open it up.

* Once YouCam is open, go back to your Nox Camera App and you will see that the camera is now active.
* At this point you can close the YouCam Program again.
* Now Back at Nox, Click on the Settings button
* In the settings click on Apps –> Snapchat

* in the snapchat settings, choose to Force Stop, Delete Cache , Delete Data & then uninstall.
* Now you just have to download the snapchat app once again and Login
* The Camera will now work correctly! Don’t ask us how this works because we don’t know! we just know that it does!

Got any questions regarding this method of getting snapchat on your PC? leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to help you!