Fortnite… The Game of the Year? The Best Game of All time? Never before has one game had so much popularity! The Creators recently brought out the IOS and Android versions of the game! wanna play? of course you do ! keep reading to find out how!

Watch the video tutorial below or keep scrolling for the text version

How To Download Fortnite on IOS

  • First, to avoid any future disappointment, you need to see if your IOS device is compatible. Look at the photo below to see if your device is compatible. If you’re device is on the compatible list then lets move on! and if your device is incompatible? then i am very sorry but you cannot play.

Fortnite IOS compatibility list

  • Before downloading you should also check if you have enough memory, this is quite a large game, it says its current size is 139MB.  Just head over to settings, click on general and then click ‘about’ to see how much storage is free on the device.

fortnite ios requirements

  • Now go back to the homepage of your iPhone and go to the App Store.

  • In the Search bar, search for FortNite.

  • You should see the option to install the game, I don’t have the option because it is already installed on my device.

download fortnite on ios

  • It is a big game so have some patience when waiting for it to install.. Once it’s downloaded it is ready to play!  If your device is not supported, the game will crash on launch so it’s important to have checked you have a compatible device.

and that draws an end to this quick tutorial on downloading FortNite on IOS. if you have any questions please leave a comment down below and we will get back to you asap!