Snapchat maps is a new featured rolled out by Snapchat. Loved by some, but many of us also became freaked out at the potential breaches of our location and privacy.  Snapchat maps is basically a Map of the world with the locations of all of your snapchat friends pin pointed exactly where they are.

By default, everyones location is revealed until they choose to turn it off! Sure Maps has some other cool features too, such as looking at live stories from around the world, seeing where your friends are, etc.  but If you are reading this article I think you are here to disable snapchat maps. So lets get to it.

Watch the tutorial video below, or keep scrolling if you prefer your tutorials in text format

How To Turn Off Maps On Snapchat:

First of all, open up the snapchat maps feature. To do this, you need to pinch on the snapchat camera page and zoom out, you will then be on Snapchat Maps. If this is your first time accessing it you will likely be shown a tutorial on using it. just exit that if you are not interested.

Here you can you see your exact location, right down to the street number .. and it’s revealed to everyone on snapchat! crazy isn’t it?

Now click on the settings button at the top right of the screen. (the settings button looks like a cog wheel)

snapchat maps

On the settings page, make sure that ghost mode is enabled. Once Ghost mode is enabled people will not be able to see your location from the snapchat map.

ghost mode settings

Now go back to the normal snapchat area and tap your ghost, and the tap settings. in the settings, keep scrolling down until you see “Manage” , and open it.

ghost code settings

Now in the “Manage” settings, tap on the “Maps” setting.

snapchat settings

Now in the Maps settings, you will see the option saying ” Share Usage Data: share anonymized location and usage data with our map providers” , make sure that this setting is turned off.

Now that you have done that, your location will never be revealed to anyone via snapchat maps, not to your contacts, and not to any 3rd party advertisers.  Its good to know that once you have activated ghost mode, you can still use snapchat maps to see what other people are doing, to look for live stories, and all of the other features that snapchat maps has.

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