Welcome to a foxy tech tips tutorial on how you can delete your Snapchat account easily & permanently. Snacphat doesn’t allow you to do this from within the app so we made this video to show you exactly how to get it done! Delete your Snapchat now!

Watch the video tutorial 👇 below or scroll down to read the text version!


You are actually not able to do this from within the app, so this is how you do it.

• Open up a web browser and go to accounts.snapchat.com . here you need to login to your snapchat account if you are not already logged in. 

• You may need to get a confirmation sms now if you have 2 factor authentication turned on for your account. 

• Now you are logged into snapchat on the web you can simply scroll down to the button that says ‘delete my account’ .

• You will need to enter your password again to continue .

• Your account is now deactivated and it will be permanently deleted in 30 days unless you log back into your account.. So you can cancel the deletion by simply logging back in within 30 days..

And that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them down below!