How To Create A Zoom Account


Welcome to a tutorial on creating a new Zoom account. Since the start of 2020 and everything that happened, Zoom has become an important part of a lot of our lives. Millions of use it every day for school, college, business meetings and just hanging out. This article will go over creating a new Zoom account, learn how to do it now!

Steps To Create A Zoom Account on Mobile:

• To create a zoom account on mobile, you should first download the zoom app from the App store or Google Play Store. Open the app once installed.

• Tap on ‘sign up’ from the bottom left. 

• Fill in your date of birth and tap confirm.

• Next, enter your email address, your first and last names and then tap ‘Sign up’.

• Zoom will send you a confirmation email, go to your emails, and find the email from zoom. In the email tap on the ‘activate account’ button and open the link in the browser of your choice. 

• You now need to create a password for your zoom account and then confirm it.

• You now need to say if you are signing up on behalf of an institution, Tap continue when you have ticked the correct box. 

• You can choose to invite people to zoom here if you wish, or you can skip this step. 

• Your zoom account has been created! 

• Open up the zoom app and tap on ‘sign in’ in the bottom right and then log in to your new zoom account. 

• You can now create, join, and schedule zoom meetings. 

Steps To Create A Zoom Account on Desktop:

• To create a zoom account on PC open up a web browser and go to

• Click on the ‘sign up it’s free’ orange button in the top right of the page. 

• Fill out your birth date and click continue

• Now enter your email address and tap ‘Sign Up’, Click confirm on the popup. 

• You will now need to go to your emails and open the email from zoom to activate your account. 

• In the email click on the orange ‘Activate Account’ button.

• On the page that opens fill in your first and last names and then create a password and type it in again to confirm it. 

• Your zoom account is now created. You can choose to join a meeting, host a meeting, or schedule a meeting. 

• You can use Zoom on a web browser but it is easier to use on the PC app. 

• If you click on host a meeting in the top right corner and click with video off or on, the zoom PC app will begin downloading. 

• When it is downloaded click on the download to open the zoom installer. 

• On the zoom installer window, click ‘continue’ and then click ‘install’. 

• You may have to enter your computer’s password here to allow the download. Then click ‘install software’. 

• Close the zoom installer and then click ‘ok’ to allow zoom access to your downloads folder. 

• Click on ‘sign in’ and sign in to your new zoom account. 

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