How To Change Your Snapchat Name!

The video above goes into detail about the topic of changing a Snapchat username


Have you ever wanted to change your Snapchat username? Is this even possible? Maybe you created your Snapchat account a long time ago and the name is no longer relevant to you, is too cringe-worthy or maybe you made a typo when creating your Snapchat account. Whatever your reason for wanting to change your Snapchat name, this article will take a look at whether it’s possible and what you can do.

Is It Possible To Change A Snapchat Username?

Unfortunately, there is actually no official way of changing your Snapchat username, however, there are a few different tricks you can attempt to get around this:

• The first one is simply changing your display name. Your display name is what everybody will see when interacting with you or viewing your story. Your username is only used once for when people add you and after that, all anyone will see is your display name. For most people changing their display name is good enough. 

• If you are really desperate to get a new username you could go as far as deleting your account, and then creating a new account using the new username you desire. Of course, doing this is a bit extreme as you will lose all your contacts, memories, streaks etc..

A 3rd option you can try is actually going to Snapchat support and asking them to change your username for you. This usually won’t work but if you have something like your actual name in your username you may be able to change it in order to protect your privacy

Steps To Ask Snap Support To Change Your Username:

• Go to the Snapchat settings within the app and select ‘help center‘.

• Select the ‘contact us‘ option.

• Tap ‘my Snapchat isn’t working.

• Select ‘other’.

• Tap on ‘yes‘ and then tap ‘my issue is not listed’.

• You will now need to fill out a form with all of the relevant information to your account.. In the information field, you will have to explain that you want your username to be changed and why they should do it for you. You will need to think of a good reason! 

•  Once you have sent off the form, someone from Snapchat support will email you within a couple of days with their decision.

At the end of the day, it seems that if you don’t like your username, you should try to just forget about it since nobody ever really sees it after they have added you and you can change your display name easily.. 

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