We all love getting new followers on snapchat. but getting those snap followers is the hardest out of all the social networks. the main way of acquiring new snap friend is by posting your snap code on other social medias and hoping to get new friends. but you will often find that your bland looking snap code blends in with all the other thousands of snap codes being posted online everyday, and you have likely seen some snap other codes standing out.. was it a colourful snapcode? i think so!

It is possible to edit your ghost code to change the colours of it to whatever you would like, and doing so is guaranteed to get more eyes on your code, and apart from that, it just looks cool? Want to learn how to do this yourself ? Keep Scrolling!

How To Change Your Snap Code Color

Watch this video tutorial or keep scrolling down for the text version!

The first thing we have to do is grab a copy of our snap code for editing.  You can access your snapchat code from within the snapchat app, but it is not good enough quality.

On a web browser, Go To Snapchat.com and login to your account.

Once you are logged in, click on “My Snapcode

snapchat manage my account

On the snapcode page, click on download, this will bring you to a new tab showing your snapcode.

my snapcode

now if you are on Phone, hold down the pic and choose save. It is much better to do it this way because the downloaded snapcode is super high quality, perfect for editing.

your snap code

now that we have it downloaded we can begin editing. for this tutorial i am going to edit it via a phone app, but you can also use the website version of the app if you are on PC.

Go onto the Apple Store or Google Play Store and search for “Pixlr” , download and install it. (Its Free)


When its installed, open it up. you will need to agree to let the app access your photos. Choose to open a picture from your gallery and then choose the recently downloaded snap code.

pixlr home page

On the next page, you can see a preview of your edit.

snapcode edit

now its finally time to change the colour of your snapcode.

tap on the first button at the bottom left of the tool bar, it looks like two circles:

this will open the tools menu

pixlr tools menu

here you need to choose “Adjustment” , and on the adjustment page , swipe right until you see the “Hue” option, and open it.

adjust hue

in the Hue options is where we are actually going to be able to change the color of the snap code.  do you see the slider at the bottom of the screen? you just need to slide that to different positions to alter the hue, and altering the hue will change the color of the background of your snapchat code. the color of the ghost will stay the same. Play around with that slider to your liking.

changing hue

Once you have found a color that you like and would like to save it, tap on the Tick button beside the slider, and then tap on “Done” at the top right of the screen. on the next page click “Save” and it will start downloading to your camera roll. You could also directly post your picture onto Instagram or other social media from here.

save to camera roll

Go into your camera roll to view your new snapcode , or if you would like to have your code in a bunch of different colors, go back into the Pixlr app and edit it again, just hit save on each color that you like.

Now its time to start promoting your snapchat using your new colorful snapcode.You can post it all over the web, wherever you would like; on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , etc.

Even though their color has changed people can still use their snapchat camera to add you via snapcode.  Its important to note that this doesn’t change your “official” snapcode color within the snapchat app, if you go onto your snapchat and look at your code, you will see it is the same yellow color. this can’t be changed. Our new colored snapcode is meant exclusively for posting online to get new adds.  and with your new code standing out like this, you are bound to get more followers!

If you have any questions regarding this article, please leave a comment below, we’d love to help you out!