How to Backup Any Photo To Snapchat

The video above shows how you can backup any photos to your Snapchat memories page


Snapchat memories is a fantastic & free feature which saves all of your posted snaps to a cloud folder for you to access and look at any time in the future. Normally Snapchat will only allow you to backup your snaps to Snapchat memories but with this trick I’m about to show, you can make it back up all of the photos in your phone’s gallery, essentially enabling you to have 100% cloud photo storage using Snapchat!

Steps To Backup Photos To Snapchat Memories  :

•Go to the Snapchat memories page in the Snapchat app and select your camera roll.

• Now all you have to do is select all of the images that you would like to back up and then select the ‘hide‘ button from the bottom menu bar.

• Select ‘move‘ from the popup that appears. Doing this will add your selected photos to the ‘my eyes only’ folder.

• The ‘my eyes only‘ folder is a folder that only you can see, if someone else is using your phone they won’t be able to see the snaps in your ‘my eyes only’ folder, as it is password protected. (Learn how to create a ‘my eyes only’ folder) if you haven’t already set one up.

• Once they are in this folder they will be backed up to the Snapchat cloud. However, if you would like them to be in your normal memories folder, you can select them again and then choose ‘unhide’ from the bottom menu bar. They will then be displayed in the normal memories folder again and also be backed up to the Snapchat cloud.

That is how you can backup any photos from your camera roll to Snapchat. Pretty easy, right? 

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