How To Get YouTube on LG Smart TVs

The video above shows how to get YouTube on an LG Smart TV


Welcome to a tutorial on installing and watching Youtube on your LG Smart TV running WebOS. Learn how to get the official TV app for youtube on your LG TV now!

Steps To Get YouTube On LG TV:

• First, hit the home button on your remote control to bring up the apps screen, and scroll to the right until you find the LG Content Store.

• Once you are in the LG content store, click on the apps icon.

• Youtube should be visible at the top for you, if it’s not you can scroll until you find it, or use the search box above. 

• click ’install’. Once its finished you can find it on your apps screen by clicking the home button on your remote.

That draws an end to this tutorial, I hope that it helped you. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below!

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