How To Get Notifications When Your Friends Go Online PS4

The above video shows how to get notifications when your friends go online on PS4.


Welcome to a tutorial on setting up notifications for friends coming online on Playstation 4. This is a great feature to set up if you enjoy playing with friends but don’t know when they will be online. The notifications can get annoying after a while if you have lots of friends, so I’ll also show you how to turn friend online notifications off, in case you get sick of them.

Steps On How To Get Notifications When Friends Go Online On PS4:

• From the dashboard of PS4, go up to the control panel and swipe to the right until you get to settings, and open them.

• In settings, select notifications near the bottom.

• Next select notifications when friends go online.

• You can then choose yes to enable notifications when your friends go online, or no if you don’t want to receive notifications.

• You can then choose which friends you would like to get notifications for, or choose select all to get online notifications for all friends.

That draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section down below!

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