Bluetooth is an important feature in all modern technology. it is used to wireless connect devices such as headphones or keyboards.. In this tutorial we will show you how to enable and disable bluetooth on your windows 10 device.

Watch the video tutorial 👇 below or scroll down to read the text version!

• Begin by opening up the start menu from the left hand corner of the screen. (you can also hit the window key on your keyboard).

• From within the start menu, click on the settings button.

• In Settings , click on the  ‘Devices’ category.

• Bluetooth is the first option displayed here. There is a slider to turn Bluetooth on & off. Enable it to allow your PC to search for Bluetooth connections.

• Below it you can see the devices that are connected or have previously been connected to your computer via Bluetooth!

And that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them down below!