How To Download New Apps On Your LG Smart TV

The video above shows how to install apps on LG TVs


LG Smart TVs are powerful machines packed with countless awesome features. But did you know its possible to access an app store for your TV and download a plethora of different apps and even games!

The choice of available apps is impressive, you can get fun little apps such as a virtual fireplace as well as apps you are sure to use every day such as YouTube. Don’t just settle for the default apps that came with your TV, learn how to add extra ones!

Steps To Get New Apps On Your LG Smart TV:

Hit the home button on the remote control of your LG TV. No matter which controller you have (the magic remote or basic remote) the button looks the same: an icon of a house. This will bring up the app menu.

• Scroll to the right and keep going until you find the LG content store and tap OK on your remote to it.

• Once you have Entered the LG Content Store you’ll see lots of different media available to download. At the top of the screen click on the Apps tab. You will now see a list of all the different apps and games available to download on your LG TV. (The choice of apps will vary depending on your device and country.)

• You can also filter by category to make it easier to find the app you are looking for. You can even download some basic games directly onto the TV. 

• Click on the app to get more info, such as the memory required for the download.

• Click the download button to start downloading and installing your desired app..

• Once the app is downloaded it will be saved on your home dashboard. If you hit the home button on your remote again to bring up the app menu, you will see that your recently downloaded apps will now be visible there and ready for you to run!

And that draws an end to this tutorial! We hope you can find some cool new apps to download on your LG TV! I also have more LG TV Tutorials you might want to check out!

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  1. I want to install Kanopy but it isn’t listed on the app store site. I have it on ,my computer and should be able to put it on the smart TV but I can’t seem to do it.


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