How To Customize Suggested Posts On Instagram

The above video shows you how to customize your Instagram Suggested feed.


Welcome to a tutorial on customizing your suggested feed on Instagram. If Instagram is showing you suggested posts that do not align with your interests then you can customize them to get suggestions that are more appropriate to you.

Steps To Customize Your IG Suggested Feed:

• Open Instagram and scroll down the homepage until you see a suggested post in your feed.

• Tap the three vertical dots button in the top right corner of the suggested post.

• Now select not interested from the options. (you will now get suggested fewer posts similar to that post.)

• You can then choose don’t suggest posts related to, which will hide posts related to that topic.

• You can also tap more options and then tap don’t suggest posts from that account to not get any suggested posts from that specific account again in the future.

• Another option is to choose to snooze all suggested posts in feed for 30 days to get no suggested posts at all for the next 30 days.

• Once you have done that you can keep scrolling down your feed and find another suggested post or a reel suggestion and repeat the same steps as listed above. 

• Instagram will remember your preferences and no longer suggest things similar to the topics or accounts of which you tapped not interested.

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