Welcome to a tutorial on customising your Control Centre on your IOS device. The control centre is probably the most used part of the iPhone for me, I always swipe up to access my camera or flashlight! But did you know that you can edit what features you see in your control centre? and even add new features?

Let’s get started, watch the video tutorial below or keep scrolling to read the text version!

How To Customize Control Centre on IOS

Incase you didn’t know, the picture below is the control centre in IOS, you reach it by swiping up, and it allows quick access to features you use a lot such as camera and flashlight.

swipe up on ios

And so Here is how you can edit your control centre..

First, on your IOS device, go to settings.

once you are in settings scroll down to and click on control centre.

in the next page click on Customize controls.

This page shows you all of the features currently in your control panel, as well as other features you can add if you’d like too.

edit your IOS control centre

To add a new feature to your control panel, click the green plus button next to its name.

You can order your list of features to decide what order you want to see them in, I have just moved stopwatch to the top.

Now if I swipe up we will see that stopwatch is now added to the control centre, and it is first in the list.

my control centre has now been re-ordered

You can add as many controls as you would like, and you can also remove features from your centre by clicking the red minus button beside the name of the feature. You should play around with these settings and find the best combination for your needs as everyone will have different preferences depending on how they use their phone.

and that draws an end to this tutorial on customising your control centre on IOS 11. If you have any questions please leave them down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.