How To Copy & Paste on Xbox

The video above shows how to Copy & Paste Text On Your Xbox!


If you’re like me, you have used your Xbox for years and years without ever realizing you can copy and paste content using your controller. It’s actually possible to copy and paste content from the web, and text such as private messages. This can be a lifesaver because typing with the Xbox controller can take an eternity!

Steps To Copy & Paste On Xbox:

To start, you need to highlight the text you want to copy.

• If you’re on the web, Use the cursor and the A button to highlight the text. Double-tapping A will highlight the word and triple tapping A will select the sentence or paragraph. 

• Once the text is highlighted, click the ‘menu‘ button on your controller, this will open a popup menu and from there select ‘copy’. This will save the text to your Xbox clipboard, just like on a phone and PC.

• The copied text can be pasted anywhere there is a text field.

• When the text field is open, hit the ‘menu’ button on your controller once more and then select ‘paste’. 

And that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them down below!

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