How To Change To A Pattern Lock On Samsung Galaxy

The above video shows how to change to a pattern lock on Samsung Galaxy.


Welcome to a tutorial on changing to a pattern lock on Samsung Galaxy. A pattern screen lock can be easier to remember than other lock types, so if you’re always forgetting your phone’s passcode or pin, a pattern lock might be a good option for you. You should note though, that pattern locks are not as secure as pin and passcode locks. Follow the steps below to change to a pattern screen lock.

Steps To Change To A Pattern Lock On Samsung Galaxy:

• The first step is to open up the settings app on your phone.

• Scroll down settings and select lock screen.

• Tap screen lock type at the top of the list.

• You will have to enter your current pin or password to continue.

• Next, you want to tap pattern.

• Draw the pattern that you would like to be your unlock pattern, then tap next.

• Draw the pattern again to confirm it and tap confirm.

• You can choose to backup your pattern if you like. If you do this then Samsung will save your pattern for you, in case you forget it.

• Tap continue if you would like to save your pattern, or tap cancel if you would not.

• Your unlock pattern will now be set.

That draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section down below!

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