How To Change The Date & Time On Samsung Galaxy

The above video shows how to change the date and time on Samsung Galaxy.


Welcome to a tutorial on changing the date and time on Samsung Galaxy devices. If your phone’s date or time is not correct for some reason, you can manually change it in the settings. Follow the easy steps below to learn how to do it.

Steps To Change The Date & Time On Samsung Galaxy:

• Open up the settings app on your phone.

• Scroll down the settings to general management and tap it to open it.

• In general management, select date and time.

• Tap automatic date and time to turn the toggle off, you want the toggle to be grey.

• Next tap on automatic time zone to switch that toggle off too.

• Tap set date.

• Tap on the month and year at the top to change it, and tap done when you’re finished.

• Select set time and change the time to the correct time and then tap done. Your phone’s date and time have now been changed.

That draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section down below!

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