Welcome to a tutorial on Changing the background on Your Mac OS device. this will work on all apple Mac devices running Mac OS. The default Mac background is pretty, but you are here because you want something new. Follow this guide below to learn how to change your Macbook’s background!

Watch the tutorial video below, or keep scrolling for the text version!

  • First, go to System Preferences on your Mac. you can get there by clicking “Go” and then choosing system preferences.
  • In the system preferences window, click on Desktop and Screensaver.
  • Here in the settings for desktop and screensaver, you can choose between any of Apple’s default background images.
  • There are many to choose from, just click on one to see your desktop change instantly
  • You can also choose any of your own images to use as a background image
  • To use your own image, locate it in its folder, and click on it to activate it as the background.
  • You can also choose to randomize all the background photos, doing this will rotate your background every X minutes.

How To Change ScreenSaver on Mac OS

  • That covers the background, to change the screensaver of your Mac, click the screen saver tab on the same window.
  • Here you can see many different styles of screen saver to choose from
  • Click on one to see the preview of that screensavers animation
  • Click the “Start After” button to choose when you want the screensaver to begin.

And that draws an end to this short tutorial on changing the background and screensaver of your MacBook or iMac, if you have any questions, please let us know down in the comments!