How To Block Websites on Google Chrome!

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Do you spend too much time procrastinating on time-wasting websites when you should be working or learning? Do you have a child who keeps visiting sites of which you don’t approve? Or are there sites you just never want to load, even by accident? If so, you should consider blocking these sites so they can’t grace your browser with their presence anymore.

This tutorial will show you how to block specific websites on Google Chrome.  Its easier to not spend too much time on Facebook when it’s blocked in your browser 😊

Steps To Block Websites On Chrome:

Visit ‘’.  This is the website for a chrome extension we will be adding to block websites. (Extensions are like little extra apps for chrome that add new features, in this case the new feature is easy website blocking!)

• Click ‘add to chrome’. This will open the chrome web store in a new tab. Click the ‘add to chrome‘ button there as well.  On the popup, click ‘add extension’.

In order for the extension to know what sites you are visiting in order to block them, you will need to click ‘i accept’ so they can track your web history.

You’ll be taken to a landing page that is trying to get you to purchase premium or get a free trial, but you can just click the little ‘skip’ button to stay on the free version.

On the dashboard for the BlockSite extension, you can enter the website you want to block in the text box and then click the ‘+‘ button. That website will be blocked immediately.  (On the free version of this extension, you are allowed to add up to 6 sites to the blocklist.)

If you click ‘redirect’ you can enter a URL that you will be redirected to when you visit a blocked site. This is a good option if you often procrastinate when working, you can redirect yourself back to a productive site whenever you try to load a blocked site.

You can set up a blocking schedule so that sites are only blocked at certain times during the day.

If you’re setting this up for a child and not yourself, then it’s a good idea to go over to the password-protected section and set a password that will be required to unblock a site and change any settings of this extension. You can also get an email alert if the extension gets uninstalled. You will need to create a free account with your email address for these features.

You can unblock a site any time by visiting the dashboard and clicking the red ‘minus’ button next to the blocked site name. – You can get back to this dashboard by clicking the extension icon in your toolbar, selecting the extension, and then tapping the settings icon for it.

And that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them down below!

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