How To Add Bots To A Discord Server

The video above shows how to install bots on your Discord server!


If you have your own Discord server you will be aware that there are countless ways to customize it and make it more entertaining and useful for your users. If the standard features of Discord aren’t enough for you, you can install bots.

Discord bots can do a lot of different things. Some are for user management, they will send your new users a welcome message when they join, some bots will send memes or statistics on request. You can even gets bost which will moderate your server for you!

Steps To Install Bots To Discord Server:

 It’s super easy to install bots to discord if you know which specific bot you want. You can just enter it into google and get the download link. But if you are not sure which bots even exist you can use one of the bot repository websites. (these are like app stores for bots)

• My favorite discord bot repo is called , it lists most of the most popular bots used on discord.

• on, select any bot to learn more information about it.

• To install a bot, click ‘invite’. (invite it to your server)

• This will open discord web in a new tab, if you are not already logged into your discord account on the web you will need to do it now.

• Select the server you want to install it on and click ‘continue‘.

• Confirm that you want to give the bot the permissions it is requesting.

• Finally, complete a captcha.

• the bot will now be added to your server. 

You can repeat that for as many bots as you’d like.. Each bot will have its own settings for you to play around with. Bots will show up in the user’s list of your server, most allow all users to interact with them.

And that draws an end to this tutorial! If you have any questions please leave them down below!

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