welcome to a tutorial on Adding a subscribe button to your youtube videos. Doing this will likely increase your overall subscriber % considerably over time. This is very easy to do and we can actually apply the button to all our videos in a matter of seconds.

Watch the video tutorial below or keep scrolling for the text version!

How To Add a Subscribe Button to Your Youtube Videos

  • First, head over to google images. Make a search for A Subscribe Button.

google images results for subscribe button

  • You can choose any image that you like, but you must make sure that the image is transparent, you can tell if an image is transparent by looking at the edge of the image, if it has checkered squares, that means it is transparent.

  • Once you have found the button you’d like to use, right click and save the image to your computer.
  • Now go to youtube, and load your creator studio.  click the Your Channel option from the left sidebar.
  • On the drop-down box that just appeared, click on branding.

  • Here on the branding page you have the option to add a new watermark. click on it.

  • It will show you the best guidelines for uploading your watermark.. make sure it is a transparent image that is mostly one color.

adding a watermark to youtube

  • Click choose file, and select the image we downloaded earlier, and then click save.

  • It will now load a preview of what the image will look like on your videos. if you are happy with it, click save one more time.

  • Now you can choose the settings for when you want your subscribe button to appear within the videos. I am going to choose for them to appear after 10 seconds, but you can also choose to display them for the entire video.

customize youtube watermark

  • Once you have chosen your preferences, click on Update.

  • Your branding watermark button has now been applied to all of your uploaded videos and will continue to add them to every new video that you publish.

  • Now go to one of your videos, load it, and check for the new subscribe button, it should be there!

That draws an end to this tutorial! if you have any questions leave them down below in the comments, and we will see you next time 😉