The Apple Magic Mouse is a wonderful thing… Once you have it figured out that is.  while it is so technically advanced compared to any other mouse in the market, learning how to use it doesn’t come straight away.

By default, there is no right click option, this might seem weird, especially for professionals or computer savvy people. Right clicking on a magic mouse with default settings yields nothing at all. When activated, the right click opens up a door to so many shortcuts and features.

If you would like to learn how to activate the right click setting on your Mac’s Magic Mouse, then keep reading.

Activating Right Click On Your Mac’s Magic Mouse

watch the video below or keep scrolling for the text version!

Start by going to your Macbook’s System Preferences. You can find them byclicking the apple logo button at the top left of the screen and choosing “System Preferences”.

  • In the system settings, choose the Mouse options.
  • This next page shows the customization options for the Magic Mouse
  • On the “Secondary Click” option, make sure that you enable to check box
  • Also, make sure that the secondary click option is set to “Click on right side”
  • Once that is done you can exit the settings, and your right click is now activated.

Be sure to test out your new activated right click now, look at all those new shiny options.. from easy copy and pasting to inspecting the source of a webpage, and even translating text, the right click can do it all! depending on where you right click, you will see different options accordingly.

this is what you will see when you right click on your apple magic mouse!

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