About Foxy Tech Tips

Foxy Tech Tips was born in late 2016 after I had been searching for some tech tutorials on Youtube when I realized that 99% of the people currently making tutorials were deliberately taking a really long time to get to the point, or making things longer and more convoluted then they needed to be for the sole purpose of increasing their “watch time” in their analytics. This frustrated me.

It’s similar to recipe websites. If you have ever looked up a recipe and landed on someone’s cooking blog I know you have experienced wading through the author’s life story when all you want is the recipe. They do this to increase their word count which helps in the SEO of their blog.

So I created Foxy Tech Tips with the goal of creating concise, the point, and easy-to-follow tech & software tutorials. I had a slow start with an inconsistent uploading schedule, but these days I have found my rhythm and upload 2-3 tutorials per day. I am proud to say as of writing this that the YouTube channel Foxy Tech Tips has more than 55,000 subscribers and in excess of 1,200 videos!

I had created this site a few years ago but never really had the time to work on it. But I am committed now to catching up and posting all of my tutorials in article format for people who prefer to read!

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You can contact me at [email protected] , or fill out the contact form below!